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Project Description

Ninja Echo is a bot for Stack Overflow chat. It plugs in as a Greasemonkey userscript, and listens for and sends messages.

Using the bot

To use the bot, type its name, and then a command.
For example:
@NinjaEcho Should I bike to work or take the bus?


Command Aliases Example Description
$blacklist $black, $b $blacklist 2253190 Blacklists a user. The bot will no longer run commands from that user. Only the admin can run this.
$whitelist $white, $w $whitelist 2253190 Removes a user from the blacklist. Only the admin can run this.
$news $n $news Ninja Echo is alive! Adds an item to the news feed.
$news 10 Responds with the most recent items from the news feed. If no number is supplied it defaults to 5.
$flip $f $flip Randomly responds with "Heads" or "Tails".

Natural Triggers

Who are you?
Introduces Ninja Echo and provides a link to the documentation.
Example: Who are you?

Searches Wikipedia and Google for a phrase.
Example: Search for ninjas.

Greets a user and links them to the FAQ.
Example: Introduce Ninja Echo.

Responds to any question beginning with "Should...".
Example: Should I walk or drive?

Who is?
Links to the user's profile.
Example: Who is Ninja Echo?

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